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Everyday Abolition–THE ZINE! Call for Submissions — due August 30

Dearest EA contributors, supporters, and readers,

EverydayAbolition.com is a political storytelling/art blog where we collect the stories of how we resist the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) in our everyday lives. We are writing with a quick update about the project as well as a few opportunities to help support EA.

We are thrilled to announce that Everyday Abolition will be self-published into a zine in a few short months! Many people navigating and surviving the PIC are not online or choose not to organize online, including our community members and comrades inside prisons and other detention centers. We will be producing a zine version of Everyday Abolition to be used for organizing on the ground and for sharing our stories of resilience and resistance with our communities offline. If you have been thinking of submitting or would like to submit, now is the time!! This is a final call for submissions to be included in the zine version. Submissions are due August 30 2013, see below for the call for submissions for details. Stay tuned for zine release events and more info about how to get copies of the zine for your organizing! And if you haven’t checked out the blog, be sure to visit to see the amazing pieces and interviews that capture the essence of Everyday Abolition:www.everydayabolition.com

We need your help, EA supporters!

As we begin designing the zine, we are seeking abolition-inspired art and graphics to include. Please send any non/anti-copyrighted images to everydayabolition@gmail.comwith any known credits so we can give props. Also, if you are a zine maker or fierce editor and are interested in designing one or more pages in the zine, let us know by emailing us at everydayabolition@gmail.com ASAP.


Call for submissions // Right now, we live in a world that’s so shaped by prisons, police, detention centres, social workers & courts that we can sometimes hardly imagine life without them.

But another world is possible and we are creating it everyday, right here, right now.

We who have been targeted (or have seen our communities and families targeted) by police, prisons, surveillance, detention, social workers, the courts–we know that these systems have alot of power over us. But we also know that we (and our families and communities) have the power and the genius to resist, avoid or undermine these abusive and violent systems. From the ways we handle fighting to how we keep ourselves safe without police, we have so many creative and powerful ways that we live outside of the PIC.

Everyday Abolition is about the ordinary (and extraordinary!) forms of power that all of us have that we use to make our world better, to survive, to protect ourselves.

We’re collecting stories, interviews, poetry, and any other forms of literary/blog’able/zine’able art that tell us how your political beliefs and values fit into your everyday lives, relationships, families, work and communities:

  • How do you react to harm and hurt in your everyday life without harming and hurting the person/people back?

  • How do you handle violence, fighting, and harm in your life without involving police, correctional officers, or social workers?

  • How do you make money or get your resources/needs met outside of the current status quo?

  • What creative way does your community set itself up to purposely be different than the current status quo? How do these creative ways allow people to be self-determined (able to make choices and decisions for oneself, with access to the resources they need to see those decisions happen)?

Think broadly about everyday ways you resist the PIC including ones that you might think of as “personal” or “cultural” but not political (eg reclaiming Indigenous cultural and legal traditions, helping a friend avoid police/immigration while leaving an abusive relationship, etc.)

There is no size limit for blog entries, though we may edit to meet the zine requirements. Not all submissions will be posted and all submissions will receive responses.

 Submissions can be sent via email to everydayabolition@gmail.com or regular post.

In the US send to:

Lisa Marie Alatorre

Everyday Abolition

25 Murray St.

San Francisco, CA 94112

In Canada send to:

Chanelle Gallant

Everyday Abolition

314 Jarvis Street Suite 100

Toronto Ontario M5B 2C5

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