Everyday Abolition/Abolition Every Day

amplifying our everyday resistance to the prison industrial complex

Interview with Patrisse Marie Cullors

“abolition is more than just ending the physical caging of people. Abolition is the opportunity for us to live a life of freedom and really take Harriet Tubman’s whole strategy around utilizing intuition and magic and the witchery to tell our people’s stories and free our people.”

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Interview with Stephanie Gentry-Fernandez

“And I just walked up to them and took the knife and was like, “Thanks. You can get it from me at the end of the day.” Shit like that, I am 5’4”, and like, 140 lbs. and could get flicked across the street. And I will walk up to thugs, to people I have no business walking up to. And yeah, maybe because I’m small. I think I’ve found a way to work it, make peace in a situation, because they know how ridiculous it would be to come at me.”

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Interview with Kruti Parekh

“Everyday abolition looks like you work with what you have, you figure it out, you communicate, and you find solutions. And you don’t give up. Giving up would mean putting somebody into a cage. Or pushing people out of school. Or pushing people out of your family, community, center.”

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My Everyday Abolition, My Everyday Justice

“My focus is to tell their story, to bring a transspirit narrative to life, one often cast invisible by the PIC. Abolition, therefore, is not just about liberating us from a capitalistic distortion of justice. While opening us to full social justice, it can also liberate us all into our full collective potential.”

April 27, 2013 · 1 Comment

Freedom Harvest: Rise Of The Dandelions

“We use the dandelions as a source of freedom. We re-imagine our communities as a source of resilience and medicine. I am a part of a growing movement that is fighting for the Dignity and Power of Incarcerated people, their families and communities. “

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Interview with Syrus Marcus Ware

“Kids know nothing about punishment and the false notion of ‘crime’ until we instill it in them. So we are actually not teaching them anything they don’t already know, but rather interrupting what society is trying to teach them about crime and punishment.”

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“You have to face the monster within you…”

“(I)n some radical social justice circles there is an understanding that we can talk about different methods of accountability, but in the interpersonal immediate sense, reactions of revenge and punishment must be respected. In a way that is true but in other ways it ignores those moments of rupture”

February 23, 2013 · 2 Comments