Everyday Abolition/Abolition Every Day

amplifying our everyday resistance to the prison industrial complex


Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday about our collective power and creativity. The power we have to resist the prison industrial complex–and the possibilities that are revealed when we commit to transformation.

Everyday Abolition is an international political art collaboration between Chanelle Gallant and Lisa Marie Alatorre collecting stories, art, and interviews highlighting the ways PIC abolitionists practice, and live PIC abolition in our work, organizing, and personal lives.

Starting in February 2013, we began collecting submissions and conducting interviews with self-identified PIC abolitionists – a community of strong, resilient, brilliant, and committed people – whose stories and words tell us what it means and what it takes to live abolition, everyday.

We are sharing their genius on this blog as a living collection that we will add to for (at minimum) the rest of 2013. In addition, we will be self-producing a zine version of the blog, to be shared more broadly with communities off-line—especially our comrades inside cages and those navigating the PIC controlled streets who don’t have/want access to online activism and art.

This project has inspired both of us to imagine new strategies and possibilities and to get more clear with ourselves about what we mean by “Everyday Abolition.” If abolition is a long-term strategy and the forces opposing us are so formidable, how are we still creating it everyday? These stories, art pieces and interviews explore this concept with so much honesty and transparency, admitting the challenges and defeats while simultaneously claiming the victories for celebration and learning. What we are seeing is how we always come back to transformation and the healing powers of living for a world without cages. A world without punitive punishment and oppression. A world that invests in people and their capacity for change.

We are living it, everyday.

To quote from one of our interviewees Giselle Dias: “It seems anything and everything is possible when we create the space for it”.

Please share widely with your communities and loved ones! 

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