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The “Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday” Project

Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday is creating our first ZINE! Click here for more info or to submit! EA | AE about our collective power and creativity. The power we … Continue reading

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The Street Outreach Project – TORONTO RESISTS

In late 2015, Harm Reduction communities in Toronto successfully organized against the co-optation of their critical services by the Toronto police force. Harm reduction workers, community members, and service providers … Continue reading

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How drug users and street based folks are transforming harm into community

“Cause when the law gets involved, they take this person and put him in the corner, take that person, put him in the corner, “never speak to each other again, and be on your way.” And that’s how society is. We’re just out there by ourselves.”

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On running a community-based murder investigation, resisting violence against Indigenous women, atomic bombs and burnout: An interview with Indigenous feminist Audrey Huntley

“there can be no solution outside of completely dismantling the state. “

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We Don’t Cross Borders ; Borders Cross Us

An amazing collection of powerful, gorgeous, informative graphics and interviews exploring labour, migration, race and borders! “The Cross Border Collective is a Sydney based group that has been working on … Continue reading

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The Creative Spark of Injustice

I’m still brimming with emotion triggered by the court’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, but I haven’t given up hope. Oftentimes, the most hopeless moments are those that inspire us to … Continue reading

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Isolation Cannot Heal Isolation: One Survivors Response to Sexual Assault

As a survivor I’m told that prisons are there to protect me. Keep me safe. My deepest desire is supposed to be incarceration. I’m supposed to want him to suffer, … Continue reading

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Not Quite So Simple: Toward a Transformative Approach to Our Radical Politics and Aspirations

“I’m not working from a purely negative place where the only power I have is to reject things, ideas, and people that I think are flawed. I possess an elaborate vision of the world that I hope to aid in creating”

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CKUT Interview with the co-editors of Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday

“People act in ways that resist, and undermine, and work around, and transcend the prison-industrial complex all the time in really genius, amazing ways. But like Lisa Marie was saying, sometimes that kind of stuff isn’t politicized and then I think it’s really easy to lose hope and I think it’s easy to not recognize, lift up, share, and inspire each other with the work that we are doing on the ground.”

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Finding The Movements That Keep Us Safe

micha cárdenas in collaboration with workshop participants in the “Movements that Keep Us Safe” workshop at AMC2013 How do we find the movements that make our communities safe, that make us … Continue reading

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Gems of Change Posters–Community United Against Violence

Check out these the gorgeous GEMS OF CHANGE POSTERS by Community United Against Violence!
1) Pendulum Of Approaches 2) Butterfly Of Self-Determination 3) Spiral Of Wellness 4) Box of False Promises

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