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The “Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday” Project

Everyday Abolition | Abolition Everyday is creating our first ZINE! Click here for more info or to submit! EA | AE about our collective power and creativity. The power we … Continue reading

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“Lessons” by annu saini

“As i prepared to write this piece i realized that i haven’t written about jail since i was there, and then only in fervent letters to my friends and family…”

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On running a community-based murder investigation, resisting violence against Indigenous women, atomic bombs and burnout: An interview with Indigenous feminist Audrey Huntley

“there can be no solution outside of completely dismantling the state. “

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We Don’t Cross Borders ; Borders Cross Us

An amazing collection of powerful, gorgeous, informative graphics and interviews exploring labour, migration, race and borders! “The Cross Border Collective is a Sydney based group that has been working on … Continue reading

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The Creative Spark of Injustice

I’m still brimming with emotion triggered by the court’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, but I haven’t given up hope. Oftentimes, the most hopeless moments are those that inspire us to … Continue reading

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Isolation Cannot Heal Isolation: One Survivors Response to Sexual Assault

As a survivor I’m told that prisons are there to protect me. Keep me safe. My deepest desire is supposed to be incarceration. I’m supposed to want him to suffer, … Continue reading

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Empathy is cool: A short and sweet interview with Moon of Black and Pink, Chicago

“I think that the capacity to enact revolution is always in every given moment… I think that every moment we get to humanize people is completely antithetical to capitalism”

October 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

Not Quite So Simple: Toward a Transformative Approach to Our Radical Politics and Aspirations

“I’m not working from a purely negative place where the only power I have is to reject things, ideas, and people that I think are flawed. I possess an elaborate vision of the world that I hope to aid in creating”

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